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The eBox filament storage dry box is the new filament storage box.

With a maximum heating temperature of 80ºC, eBox can also be used to dry out the moisture from the filaments that are already wet. So you will not need to use the oven any more.

The eBox also integrates a weighing function which allows customers to weigh the filament left and check how much filament costs for each print.


Drying time for different type of 3D printing filaments


Print quality after drying the wet 3D printing filaments


  1. eBox (Cover + Base) * 1
  2. User Manual * 1
  3. PTFE Tube * 1
  4. Power Adapter * 1 


Package Size: 249(L)×138(W)×272.5(H) mm

Product Size: 215(L)×104(W)×238.5(H) mm

Max Capacity: φ200×73(H) mm

Product Weight: 750g

Rated Power: AC100-240V~50/60Hz

Power Output: DC12V~3A

Power of Drying Heater: 36W

Max Temperature: 80°C

Weight Power: 0.1W

Weight Load: 2KG

Weighting Error: ±0.02KG

Desiccant type: Silica gel


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