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Q: What is Mankati?
A: Mankati is a professional manufacturer for desktop 3D printer. The first 3D printer was brought in 2012, through three product generation’s development, Mankati now has an advanced and newest desktop 3D printer--Mankati Fullscale XT Plus, which can satisfy your needs for two colors printing in the same time, printing complex model with support structure, printing big models(large as a basketball) and printing with higher accuracy.

Q: How many colors can Mankati Fullscale XT Plus print?
A: Mankati Fullscale XT Plus has 2 extruders which supports dual color printing. Meanwhile, dual extruder is better to print support structure for some complicated models.

Q: How big can I print with Mankati Fullscale XT Plus?
A: The build size of our Mankati Fullscale XT is 260*260*300mm (10.2*10.2*11.8”), similar as a basketball.

Q: What is the printing resolution of Mankati Fullscale XT Plus?
A: 3D printing resolution is performed out by layer thickness. The 0.1mm layer resolution setting on the Mankati 3D Printer enables users will be able to create smooth, professional-quality objects right off the build platform, with no sanding or post-production needed.
Of course, if you want a higher resolution bettern than 0.1mm, the experienced users have the freedom to explore even finer resolutions, down to 0.04mm.

Q: What types of filament can be used on Mankati 3D printer?
A: The max heating temperature of our extruder can achieve 300 degrees, so if the melting temperature of the filament is lower than 280 degrees, it will be available for our printer, such as PLA, ABS, Nylon, HIPS, PVA, etc.

Q: Can I use 1.75mm filament on Mankati 3D printer?
A: For now our Mankati 3D printers only support 3mm filament.

Q: What are the difference between PLA and ABS?
A: PLA: a kind of environmentally friendly bio-plastic made of biodegradable corn as the basic ingredient. Some environmental degradation articles in life are made from PLA material, such as green plastic lunch box. While heating, there is little odor which is good for environment and health.
It is characterized by: low melting point and not suitable for drilling, and strength is not too high. However, the shrinkage is relatively small, print flatness is better and applicable to models which do not require processing.

ABS: Engineering plastic which is the most common plastic in daily life. Mouse, electric flapper, appliances shell are all made from ABS. It is characterized by: high melting point and strong stability. It is suitable for grinding, machining, drilling, coloring and shaping. Because of its high strength and great post-production processing performance, it is more popular among engineers.

Q: What software and operating system do you need to run a Mankati Fullscale XT Plus Desktop 3D Printer?
A: Mankati Fullscale XT Plus is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. In order for your computer to communicate with the Mankati Fullscale XT Plus, you need to download our new Mankati UM software. Mankati UM is a free slicing software. It helps to transfer the 3D designing file into the file machine can read. Also in Mankati UM, you can settle printing parameter as you wish.

Q: What 3D modeling software can I use compatible with your Mankati 3D printer?
A: Our Mankati 3D printers support STL and OBJ format modeling file. So if the modeling software can output STL or OBJ format file, it will be compatible with our printers, such as AutoCAD, 3D Marks, Rhino, ProE, Solidworks, etc.

Q: What accessories should be purchased to come with the machine?
A: We will give you some spare parts and tools together with the printer.
And also give you 2 spools of PLA filament for your first-run.
If possible, we suggest that it is better to buy one roll of high-temperature resistant tape together with the printer.

Q: How to buy?
A:1) Place the order at our online store directly
2) Contact with our sales team for purchase guide
3) Contact with our sales team to consult if we have authorized agents at local, and then buy the printer at local

Q: Where can the Mankati 3D Printer be purchased?
A: The Mankati Desktop 3D Printer is available for purchase immediately at our online store. You also can e-mail our sales for purchase guide. Meanwhile, in order to enjoy better after-sale service, you also can purchase our Mankati printer through a number of local distributors around the world.

Q: How long will my order be shipped out after payment confirmed?
A: After receiving your payment, your goods will generally be shipped out within 4 to 7 working days if there is no any special requirement.

Q: How many days will my order arrive?
A: Excepting for our lead time (4-7 working days), the Global Express will take around 3-5 days to your hands.

Q: What if any damage during shipping?
A: When you receive it, suppose you to find damage on external packing, instead of signing acceptance directly, please open it first and check the item inside the packing if there is any damage.
If you find damage, you can definitely refuse signing acceptance and then claim loss from the express service company. At the same time, please take photos of the damaged packing and item, and contact us (Either our sales consultant whom you know or send email to “”). Hence, our people will assist you in handling such dispute.

Q: What else do I need to pay to receive products in addition to 1899 USD?

A: International purchase of tangible products usually comes with import taxes and other necessary fees, which are supposedly on the buyers by convention. The amount of these charge vary from country to country, and therefore buyers need to consult with local customs office for details. Customs Clearance may also delay the delivery later than expected.

Q: How can I track my order?
A: We will inform you via email about the tracking number. You can use the tracking number to track your goods on the Global Express website.