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Polymaker PolyBox is a passive drying box for material storage usage, it is ideal for storing those high water absorption filaments like nylon, PVA, PLA filaments.

You can store two 1kg filament spools or one 3kgs filament spool in the PolyBox once, it means the PolyBox is capable of supplying two 3D printers when storing two spools.

This product needs 6 packs of drying agent, drying agent is a granular product that is embargoed by international airline need to bring your own.

PolyBox 3D printing filament storage box


The PolyBox uses desiccants for drying the air inside, the desiccants are stored under the filament spool.

desiccant inside the PolyBox


There is a hygrothermograph in front of the PolyBox which will inform you the humidity inside, you will need to replace the desiccants when the humidity is below the value your filament manufacturer suggested.

hygrothermograph in front of PolyBox



  1. PolyBox (Cover + Base) * 1
  2. Rubber plug * 6
  3. Thermo-hygrometer * 1
  4. Battery LR44 * 1
  5. Filament Guide 150cm * 1
  6. Rods * 4
  7. Bearings * 8
  8. 100g silica gel sachets * 4
  9. Front grid * 1
  10. Back grid * 1



Desiccant type: Silica gel

Desiccant specifications: 4*Desiccant sachets 100g

Supported filament spools: 2 spools ≤ 1kg or 1 spool 3kg

Humidity range: 10-99%

Accuracy: ±5%

Resolution: 1%

Response: 10 seconds

Temperature range: -50~70℃

Accuracy: ±1℃

Battery specification: LR44

Product size: 315(L)*190(W)*310(H)mm

Package size: 196(L)*320(W)*320(H)mm

Product weight (without desiccants and wires): 1.15kgs

Package weight: 1.70kgs

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