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At present Mankati provides the two types of mainstream materials, ABS and PLA, including 1.75mm and 3mm, which apply to most of the desktop 3D printers in the current market.

All Mankati 3D printing filament adopts highly purified raw materials imported from USA and Germany, rejecting second-rate or used recycled ones. Meanwhile, in order to ensure perfect color purity and saturation, Mankati uses the high quality pigment from the international top manufacturers.

All of the above ensure the extremely high purity of Mankati materials with non-clogging feature.


- Filament diameter error: ±0.05mm, ensuring high printing precision.
- High quality raw materials and pigment from international top manufacturers, ensuring high purity without nozzle clogging.
- Lower printing temperature, extending the lifetime of print head.
- High-viscosity among the layers, avoiding the crack generated on the prints.
- Clear labels on the packing of each filament, with the specification and parameters of the filament, for ease of use and save.



Diameter Accuracy

3mm ±0.05mm or 1.75mm ±0.05mm

Roundness Accuracy


Polymer Density


Polymer Melt Point


Print Temperature

Please check the label on each filament spool

Spool Dimensions

Outer Diameter: 200mm, Spool Hub Diameter: 32mm, Width: 60mm


Vacuum-sealed with a sachet of desiccant

Ships in

Rugged cardboard protective shipping box

Box Size

212mm x 212mm x 75mm

Filament Net Weight

1kg ±0.05kg

Gross Weight


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